Rails 2.1 - Cosa c'è di nuovo

One of the more active and exciting communities I have ever found is the Ruby and RubyOnRails one.
Also for that reason I proposed to italian ruby guys to translate the first (free) book about all the news introduced with 2.1 release of the Rails framework (download the italian PDF version).

That book is a good work done by the brazilian guy Carlos Brando with other friends, and it’s the first book presenting all the goodies released with v. 2.1 of Rails.

Some points I’d like to remark:

  • Carlos was soon enthusiastic about our idea, and gave us all his support
  • The italian ruby community showed again its energy after a period of relative “calm”
  • The coordination (and translation and revision and…) was not so easy, especially when dealing with different points of view, time schedules and so on
  • After the italian initiative other “local” communities were activated, in the becoming weeks we’ll see also the chinese and spanish translation too.

It’s not excluded that with the time some improvement could be done on the book, so if interested please follow the “development” on http://github.com/carlopecchia/rails21-book.

So, a big “thank you” to all the italian guys that participated (see Introduction chapter on the book) and, of course, to Carlos Brando for the support!


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  1. Thanks to Carlos Brando that appreciated our work:


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