The release candidate 2 of Rails 2.2 has been just announced. Let’s see some of the most interesting (IMHO) news.


Personally I often use gem server to browse through classes documentation, but sometimes a more homogeneous “guide” could help a lot.

A new Rake task is added:

$ rake doc:guides

it generates the new Rails guides under doc/guides. These, still a work in progress, cover all the (basic) aspects of the framework:

  • Getting started with Rails
  • Rails Database migrations
  • ActiveRecord associations
  • Layouts and rendering with Rails
  • ActionView form helpers
  • Rails routing from the outside in
  • Basics of ActionController
  • Rails caching
  • Testing Rails applications
  • Securings Rails applications
  • Debugging Rails applications
  • Benchmarking and profiling Rails applications
  • The basics of creating Rails plugins

More, the graphical appearence is (very) nice:

RoR Guides - Migrations example


Now Rails is thread-safe (especially in waiting for Ruby 1.9 release), obviously “the whole thing” depends on sever infrastructure you deploy it.

Anyway it is now possible to enable multithreading dispatching simply putting:


in config/environments/production.rb file.


The facility of connection pooling is introduced for database requests: a restricted set of database connections reused among different requests. To enable it insert the following configuration directives in config/databases.yml:

  pool: 10
  wait_timeout: 5

More, the new method ActiveRecord::Base.connection_pool allows direct access to the pool.

Now it is possible to spcify joins conditions using an hash:

class Post < ActiveRecord::Base
  has_many :comments

class Comment < ActiveRecord::Base
  belongs_to :post

Post.find(:all, :joins => :comments,
  :conditions => {:comments => {:approved => true}})


Obviously a lot of other work has been done, you can read more about it on official announcements.

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