I’d like to notice everyone reading that on 1,2 December at Paris will be the Open World Forum, not only because I’ve been in program commitee but mainly because I think it’s a really interesting initiative in Europe.

The forum will host some of the most respected experts on FLOSS (approx. 160) coming from 20 countries. They will attend on various conference (see the program here) in order to:

  • discover the lastest trend and technologies on FLOSS
  • explore the future of FLOSS (…2020 roadmap)
  • making network with thousands of participants

You can read more about the event here.

In my opinion there are some “smart points” worth to note about the event:

  • a lot of IT managers, developers, researchers, investors (public and private) will attend
  • contributors panel is composed from various stakeholder (private, public, research, communities): AtosOrigin, Bull, CapGemini, Engineering, Google, IBM, SAP, HP, Sun, Apache Software Foundation, Eclipse Foundation, Mozilla Foundation, OW2 Consortium, QualiPSo consortium, Adullact, System@tic, Carnegie Mellon Silicon Valley, INRIA, State University of Sao Paulo, University Ray Juan Carlos, Paris VII University, UNU Merit, …
  • networks of SME (the “vertebra” of FLOSS) will attend too
  • Paris is a really nice city to visit :)

3 Responses to “Open World Forum: Paris -1,2 Dec”

  1. Carlo Pecchia
    29.11.2008 at 17:00

    Interesting to note that the event portal includes a jobs section ( A practical example how Open Source can help in improve local ecosystem.

  2. Erkan Tekman
    29.11.2008 at 20:05

    Hope to see you in Paris, Carlo…

  3. Carlo Pecchia
    30.11.2008 at 16:38

    Hi Erkan!
    Unforunately I can’t be present in Paris meeting, due to other activities here in Italy.
    Anyway I hope to meet you in next Brussels meeting

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