Yes, it may seem a “shocking news” at first sight, but it isn’t.

The two team joined their effort in Rails v.3, you can read the offical announce here.

The main reasons are:

  • people like a Rails less “fat” and with more stable core API (that’s important especially for who write plugins) - and Merb is like that.
  • performance optimization is becoming an important feature request in Rails - and Merb already does.
  • framework “agnosticism” for Rails, people want to be free to easily choice the preferred ORM, HTML template engine and so on - and Merb is born with that in mind.

So the obviuse question is: why not join the efforts?

Personally I think next two years will be really, really interesting for web development world, and particularly for Ruby community. Good luck guys!

Those more curious may want to watch this:

Matt Aimonetti: message to all merbists from mattetti on Vimeo.

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