I’m pleased to announce the RailsBridge.

What is it?

The RailsBridge Mission: To create an inclusive and friendly Ruby on Rails community.

The RailsBridge Guidelines:

  • First, do no harm. Then, help where you can.
  • Bridge the gap from aspiring developer to contributing community member, through mentoring, teaching, and writing.
  • Reach out to individuals and groups who are underrepresented in the community.
  • Collaborate with other groups with similar goals.

Practically speaking we, has a wide group of Rails passionate, are planing to launch and promote some initiatives like: workshops, project mentoring, basic rails courses, and so on.


Well, in my personal opinion there is some “confusion” in the whole web about what precisely is done inside the “Rails Community”, so it’s better to start some (”inclusiveness-oriented”) improvements.


If you’re interested simply point your browser on:

  • http://railsbridge.org
  • RailsBridge Google Group
  • @railsbridge

Maybe you can directly help the Rails community, your community ;).

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