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Place released


Recently I’ve released a gem named Place: Polarion Lace. More info can be found on GitHub page:

Since I’ve worked with PolarionALM (excellent) tool, I’ve found an easy - and more “rubiyst” - way to build thing out from Polarion.

Polarion enable you to “describe” and mantain data and history about what it calls “work items”: something that someone does. There are different kinds of work item: task, test, requirement, problem report, and so on. You are able to define your own types, and for each type you can specify fields used as well as a minimal workflow. Everything can be “workable” (work item, in fact). The point is: there are things that represent a work in itself (eg: tasks) and things that are merely an artifact that transmits from role to role inside/outside the organization the work done, in progress and yet to do.

I find that this concept can represent well (at least looking at its surface) “things” flowing in almost any organizations. With Place I can easily work on even complex reports and data extraction integrating other Ruby (and Java) libraries…

Installing Place is quite easy:

$ sudo gem install place

For more info on Place usage, please take a look at GitHub Examples wiki page.


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