Maybe some of you - smart coders ;) - already know that Twitter provides a geolocation facility through its API. For example, pointing our browser to this url:

and it will show you all the tweets coming from users located in New York city (ok, only in no more than 25km from its [...]

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Ok, I’m a curious guy…so why not spend some hours in learning another language?
I’m particularly interested in Reia after looking for some (safe) environment for distributed computation.
Reia has a syntax very similar to ruby, but it runs on Erlang virtual machine (that’s probably one of the most advanced and safe environment for distributed applications).
A like [...]

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In previous articles we’ve presented some techniques and tools borrowed in “metric_fu” Rails plugin.
Now it’s time for another tool: Heckle. Heckle is suited for mutation testing that is: heckle change your code (yes, exactly) on the fly during test(s) execution in order to see if tests fails or not.
It’s based on a simple assumption:

our code [...]

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