I’m pleased to announce the RailsBridge.
What is it?
The RailsBridge Mission: To create an inclusive and friendly Ruby on Rails community.
The RailsBridge Guidelines:

First, do no harm. Then, help where you can.
Bridge the gap from aspiring developer to contributing community member, through mentoring, teaching, and writing.
Reach out to individuals and groups who are underrepresented in the community.
Collaborate [...]

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On the last issue (number 2) of The Rubyist appeared an article of mine introducing the usage of JRuby with Rails and, more interesting, some (simple) examples on accessing existing Java classes from Ruby code.
The 2nd issue of “The Rubyist” if free for PDF version, hope you’ll enjoy it!
The italian version of my article appeared [...]

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In previous articles we’ve presented some techniques and tools borrowed in “metric_fu” Rails plugin.
Now it’s time for another tool: Heckle. Heckle is suited for mutation testing that is: heckle change your code (yes, exactly) on the fly during test(s) execution in order to see if tests fails or not.
It’s based on a simple assumption:

our code [...]

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