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How Do You Protect Your Children Today Online?

As a parent you have to ask that question – right now the best choice is to look over the Parental Control Software Reviews and pick something that you believe will work. The Internet Information Age in which we now live means our children are exposed to dangers and threats online that our parents never imagined much less had to handle to protect us when we were growing up. Parents today must thoroughly educate themselves so they know how to adequately educate their children on how to stay safe when surfing the Internet and using social media.

The startling statistics of just how perilous the Internet can be for children and teenagers are disturbing. Children are constantly under the threat of danger from online bullying, predators and pornography. According to national statistics from various groups:

There are many people on the Internet willing to befriend gullible and naïve young people. Online threats are quite real and very dangerous. It is up to all parents to teach their children Internet safety rules and set guidelines for computer and social media usage. Installing and using Parental Safety Control Software is a great help as you can personalize the controls for each child to suit the child’s age and what is appropriate for his or her needs.

Parental Control Software Reviews

Parental control systems are created to monitor and document the activities of each child while he or she is using the Internet. The program is set up to block unsafe sites and materials while allowing your children safe access to the Internet. There are a wide variety of Parental Safety Control Software programs available. Some offer a basic version of their program as a free download with a more detailed premium version for a monthly fee. Others offer a program that you must purchase to download and install.

The protections offered by these programs include filtering and blocking programs. These may include website, social network, instant message, chat, file transfer and application download blocking. They also include online search, website and gaming content filtering and profanity masking. These programs also have recording capabilities to keep track of sites visited and searches made as well as videos viewed plus messages sent and received. Installation, management of the controls plus the program’s help and support system are all part of the package. Most programs are compatible with Windows 8, 7, Vista, XP. Mac 05, Android and iPhone.

How to Block Internet Sites

There are multiple ways to block Internet sites and they may be utilized at the same time to offer layers of different kinds of protection for your child. They also allow you to tailor the filter and blocks to the age, maturity level and needs of each child individually. Dynamic content filtering allows you to set limits on the materials and terms that a child may conduct a search for on the web. Offensive materials are then removed according to pre-chosen settings. For example, you can block your four to twelve year old from searching for sites with the terms abortion, weapons, gambling, nudity, drugs and alcohol, while allowing them in a search with a warning for your older teens.

You may also set access to sites on the Internet by using specific keywords, websites and games that you allow and no others. You may set alarms to receive email alerts when your child visits an inappropriate site. You can monitor your child’s chats and posts on Facebook also. You can set time limits for duration of session, minutes per day, hours per day or hours per week or month. These programs have user-friendly interfaces that allow you to set up separate and unique profiles for each one of your children so you can increase the level of protection and blocks you have on your youngest children.

Some of the Top Parental Control Features

Many of the Parental Control designs have ready-made filters with lists of topics already provided that should be blocked so that parents do not have to reinvent the wheel when setting up blocking filters. They also have the option of running all the operations in invisible mode so the child is not aware of the parent monitoring his or her computer use. Parental control programs send parents alerts about contacts that are inappropriate in time for parents to intercede and help the child before the contact goes too far. These programs also offer comprehensive social network monitoring on all the social networks: Facebook, Google+, Instagram, Tumblr, Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn.

What is the Best Parental Control Safety Software?

The best Parental Control Safety Software allows you to tailor the filters, blocks and alerts to each and every child and his or her particular needs and pattern of Internet use. The best one is also the one you can understand and learn to use effectively and consistently. Protecting your children on the Internet begins with you. Find the program that best helps you accomplish that goal. Hopefully, the parental control software reviews you find here will help you to find something that best matches your needs based on your childrens’ ages and how protective you might feel you should be.