Carlo Pecchia

thoughts about Open Source, Ruby, RubyOnRails, CMMI, ...


Some publications I’ve write / collaborated on / reviewed:

  • “Sinatra: Fast Web Application in Ruby” - RailsMagazine issue n.5
  • “Ruby Web Frameworks: A Dive into Waves” - RailsMagazine issue n.3
  • “Ruby Invades the Sun!” - TheRubyist (February 2009)
  • “Ruby on Rails 2.2 - What’s new”” - Carlos Eduardo Brando. I’ve translated the book and given some feedback to main text version (english/portuguese).
  • “Ruby on Rails 2.1 – What’s new?” – Carlos Eduardo Brando. I’ve coordinated the italian translation and given feedback/corrections to main version of the book
  • Economia e Gestione delle Aziende Nonprofit” Dario Carrera, Alessandro Messina - Aracne Ed.
  • A holistic evaluation of open source e-learning platforms for Mediterranean countries - in Management Education in the Euro-Mediterranean Area - proceedings of the International Conference of ISIDA - Palermo, 17-18 July 2006 (ed. Dawn Caseby).
  • Collaborative Learning. Sistemi P2P, tecnologie open source e virtual learning community (ed. Franco Angeli, ISBN-13 9788846489296) - on Open Source and Accessibility fields.
  • Economia e Organizzazione Aziendale (ed. Apogeo) - on Information System field.
  • “Open Source e la questione sicurezza” - Safety & Security (numero 8, Marzo 2008)